With our high-tech and expert team in our factory, we have a production capacity of 14,000 tons/year with our extrusion press lines of 2400, 1460, 1100, and 600 metric tons.

In our factory's production lines, we work with high quality and tight tolerances, and we can produce aluminum profiles in the range of 60mm to 180mm width.

In addition to the production of 6000 series alloys, we also produce profiles with special alloys. Quality is regularly checked at every stage of production to ensure no compromise on quality.

As Almin Aluminum, we can supply products to leading domestic and foreign companies in the industry under our own brand and/or the buyer's own brand (Private Label).

Thanks to the heat system we apply in the production stage, our products are ensured to have the correct surface, tolerance, and hardness.

In our advanced technology, R&D, and innovation-equipped factory, our presses automatically adjust production speeds and billet lengths, thus ensuring minimal waste and maximum production in unit time.

All production processes from product design to shipment to the end customer are entirely managed by automation systems.

In our production lines, with our expert team of engineers and technical personnel, the quality of production is increased day by day, and our competence and skills are enhanced to produce with tighter tolerances.

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