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22 December 2022
Almin Aluminum Introduced its Profiles Developed Specially for the Fair in Düsseldolf
We had an interview with Almin Aluminum Profile Foreign Trade Specialist Mehmet TOKER, where we learned about the new profiles they developed specifically for the Aluminum Düsseldorf 2022 Fair and got their impressions of the fair.
Can you evaluate the Aluminum Düsseldorf 2022 Fair you attended? How was the interest in your stand? It was great, we were lucky enough to host many guests from various countries in Europe at our stand. We aim to expand our work area and become a brand abroad as well as at home. Which products did you exhibit at the fair? Did you have any products that you exhibited at the fair for the first time? There are hundreds of different profiles within our company, and each of them is carefully prepared by our company's R&D department according to the needs of our customers. A special study was carried out for the fair, especially for our construction profiles, which are among the apparatus of solar energy panels, and they attracted a lot of attention. What kind of business connections did you make at the fair? What dimension will these connections bring to your activities? The reason we take part in the fair is to create business partnerships with European companies and to say that we are present in Europe, just like in our country.As Almin, one of our most basic principles is to establish sincere human relations. This principle will be our first password in Europe. Our company will gain value with sincerity and trust-based business relationships. Have you made any hot sales agreements with visitors during the fair? How do you think the fair will contribute to your sales activities? As the Almin family, we are a manufacturing company and being a manufacturer has some difficult aspects. In order not to embarrass our customers, the orders placed are meticulously prepared down to the smallest detail by various departments of our company. That's why we prefer the solid sales method rather than fast sales. We also think that the fair will accelerate our sales activities. Are there any domestic or international fairs you will attend in 2022? Of course there is. We are an innovative company and the most distinctive feature of fairs is encountering innovations. We will continue to participate if there is a domestic or international fair related to our field. Thank you for your valuable time. Finally, is there anything you would like to add? As Almin Alüminyum, we would like to thank Win&ARTProje - ALU&Art Magazines for their support.

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